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Welcome to FLCPOA

Tradition has it that Navy and Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers stick together - the Chief Petty Officers Mess,  affectionately known as the 'GOAT LOCKER" is in essence, the most important compartments aboard a military ship.  It is a vast hall of knowledge, discipline and leadership.  Many high ranking officers of the United States Navy and Coast Guard will admit that a Chief Petty Officer has something to do with his/her climb to the top.  Keep that thought in mind and we will get back to the history.

I am uncertain where, how many, but other organizations such as ours have existed for many years but lets care less about them and concentrate on our own organization  FLCPOA.
First of all, the FLCPOA is a social and fraternal organization and it is not dependent or associated with any other organization.  We do not have a medical plan nor can we get you a job.  Our dues, presently are $15.00 per year and this helps support our newsletter, any professional administrative expenses, and partially supplement our twice-yearly musters.
After some bird-dogging on January 9, 1993 Jim Phillips, Bill Glover, Charles Morgan, Dick Andre, Dan Karwoski, Ruth Mulligan, and Ed Eno assembled in the home of Jim Phillips in Ocala, Florida with 20 other Chiefs and spouses - lets presume that they were all retired from the Navy but not necessarily retired from the work force.  These 20 couples were baited with the promise of a free meal, which turned out to be cornbread and Navy bean soup cooked unconventinally by Jim Phillips himself in a 5-gallon barn type milk container.  All of the Chiefs present were members of the National Chief Petty Officers Association (NCPOA).  
The plan was to establish what was to be known as the Florida Chiefs Quarters and to become a member, one had to be a member of the National Chief Petty Officers Associaton.  Apparently this requirement was challenged at a later meeting because some prospective members found it unrealistic to pay $20.00 per year to an organization that you did not want to belong to.  At this first meeting the organization was established with Bill Glover being named President, Richard Andre Vice President, Ruth Mulligan Secretary and Ed Eno as Master At Arms.  Jim Phillips as appointed chaplain.  The meeting took place at the airport Holiday Inn, in Jacksonville, FL on August 20 and 21, 1993.  While attendance was planned only for the members of the First FCQ and an invitation was extended to all chiefs in the area.  The meeting was dubbed THE CHARTER CELEBRATION.  Approximately 35 Chiefs and their spouses/guests were in attendance.  
We have grown in membership to more than 400 since 1993.  We get together twice a year, in the Spring and FAll.  Our spring meeting is to celebrate the birthday of the establishment of the rank of CHIEF PETTY OFFICER and the Fall meeting is the celebrate the Navy's birthday.   At our meetings we discuss the business of the association, have elections, plan for future meetings.  Events like, River Cruises, Gambling Ships, Golf,  Naval Museum and if in the area, we go aboard an active duty Navy Ship.  We did a Caribbean Cruise and enjoy the comfort of a hospitality room where we all get together for jokes, and as well as refreshments and pizza.  Spouses are always invited and they have just as much fun as the Chief.

Our association is open to CPO's of both the Navy and Coast Guard.  The dues are $15.00 a year.  Click on the APPLICATION button on the home page and print it out and follow the instructions.

Founder of FLCPOA 1993-2003

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