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Reunion Planner Bob Wall ADJC USN ( Robert A. Wall;  ADJC, USN (RET)
Born:  July 12, 1938   Fall River, Ma.
Moved to Calif.  Dec. 1949
Grad. High Sch.1955
Joined USN  Nov. 1955

Boot Camp  San Diego, Ca.
AN "P" school  Norman, Ok.
ADJ "A" School  Memphis, Tn.
VFP 61 NAS Miramar
Westpac USS Hornet 1957
NOTS China Lake,Ca
VF-154 1959-1963
3 Westpac Deploy. USS Coral Sea
Discharged USN, T.I., San Fran., Ca. 1963 TAR Prog.NAS Los Alamitos
1963-1967 Earned "AC" status Honorman, PO Leadership School NAS S.
Weymouth, Ma. 1967-1976 CPO Club Mgr.  1969-1976
Ret.   April  1976

Married to Shirley for 26 yrs.
Member of FLCPOA  2002--Present
Pres. 2007-2009
V Pres.   2011-2012
Reunion Planner   2005- Present


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